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thursday, 4 december

the art of interviewing.

I’m searching for the date and time of the Langhorn Slim show on Friday and run into this on Localcut.com.
Not sure how we missed this one, but Vice’s web TV show Soft Focus will be filming here in PDX this Thursday (Dec. 4) at the Bagdad Theater (3702 SE Hawthorne).
The show will feature legendary Nation of Ulysses/the Make-up front-dood Ian Svenonius interviewing similarly legendary hometown heroes Fred and Toody Cole (Pierced Arrows/ex-Dead Moon) and Stephen Malkmus. That’s a whole lotta rock celebrity packed into the Hawthorne St. brew-pub, and, straight after the 7-10pm taping, Mr. Svenonius himself will be spinning records ‘til late at the afterparty at nearby Aalto Lounge (3356 SE Belmont).
And if you’re curious what the show is all about, here’s a clip of everyone’s favorite sober sailor, Minor Threat/Fugazi/the Evens frontman, er, legend, Ian Mackaye struggling to break through Svenonius’ overwhelming self-satisfaction in a previous episode of Soft Focus:
Jeez Louise, I’m there.
pierced arrows sketch

Ian’s interview skills need work. Or he needs coffee. Or more notes. Or he needs to be a little more informed on the artists. I know Vice probably likes the wacky, non-traditional interview style, but if you want to go that route go all the way and get Harmony Korine to be the host.


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tuesday, 2 december

where comics and literature (sort of) finally meet.

Tonight there are two events I want to attend.

Drawing and weird movies at Floating World Comics, one of the best shops around. And Philip Gourevitch, the new editor of the Paris Review talking about the new collection of Paris review Interviews (http://www.portlandmercury.com/portland/interviewing-the-interviewer/Content?oid=951999).


The drawing is 7-9. The talk is nearby at Powells at 7:30.

I’m going to try to squeeze both in.

As I try to leave the house is when I start to fear my sketch book is missing. AAAAA.

(it’s getting better -ed)

I arrive early at Floating World. I do a little bit of work on a comic about a trip we took at the end of summer to the APE Caves.

I buy these two comics: MJUN084110 aylettCatererCoverweb

And at 8 I leave for Powells.

I catch the end of the talk with Philip Gourevitch. I didn’t realize he also co-wrote the book Standard Operating Procedural with Erroll Morris.

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monday, 1 december (cont.)

lectures, MFAs, hamza, and fanboys.

Monday night I went to the Monday night PSU art talk/lecure. The guest was Hamza Walker.


The talk wasn’t super informative, though Hamza was entertaining. He was really excited about art and music, but he talked as if the audience knew everything already. Sometimes I do this when talking to people on stage He seemed super knowledgeable, but he never went deeper into the artwork. He played some Chicago experimental music that I thought was awful. He showed slides from a show he called Watery Domestic and then explained “I mean come on, and now I’m here in the land of Malkmus.” He went on to describe a brief encounter with the Malk in Chicago

(every loves a good Malk story).

Surrounded by PSU’s MFA kids at the lecture I thought again about the politics and positives and negatives of trying to get an MFA.

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monday, 1 december

a walk in the woods and . . . aaaaaaaaa?!

On Monday Marci and took a little bike ride down the Spring Water Corridor, but stopped and hiked a little in the sketchy woods. I sat on a rock and drew a one page comic strip inspired by the most terrifying scene i the movie Zodiac. I’d scan and print it here, but AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I lost my sketch book! (Stop screaming-ed.)

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Letter in Portland Mercury about sports.


DEAR MERCURY—We live in a society that is obsessed with sports to a degree that is sociopathic [“Don’t Black Out the Blazers,” Letters, Nov 20]. A society where a former football star’s trial for murder becomes a media sensation sucking all the oxygen out of news reporting for over a year. A society where no one sees anything odd about the fact that professional athletes are paid several times what school teachers make, even though everyone agrees that the public schools are horrible. A society where anyone with no interest in sports is nonetheless condemned to be bored to tears while in school, due to the disproportionate attention paid to sports as opposed to arts and literature. A society where the main topic of conversation at most social gatherings is sports, and to have nothing to say on the subject is to be an outcast. Nevertheless, the Mercury saw fit to award last week’s letter of the week to a man complaining about his inability to find a basketball game on television in a downtown Portland bar, evidently on the theory that such an experience constituted a tragic misfortune that could only be alleviated by getting letter of the week. Portland Mercury, you are wrong. Our society already criminally panders to sports fans, and the Mercury, by its action, has joined the ranks of the oppressors.

-Neil Anderson

tells it like it isn't.

tells it like it isn't.

Jack says:

I have to agree whole heartedly with the writer despite the fact that I like watching sports. Since moving here to Portland I’ve complained quite a bit to my girlfriend about not having any friends to watch the big games with. When I I lived in NY I didn’t have much luck either, so it’s possible the circles I run with aren’t big sports watching circles.
I want to know what parties this guy is going to. Who is he hanging out with? I applaud Portland’s failure to provide enough sports fans to fulfill my needs. The country and the world is too obsessed with Sports. More money for Schools and Health Care.

It doesn't matter.

he'll take the local.

Mike says:

i just want to reiterate that i spent all of last year’s football/soccer season watching arsenal games almost every weekend, ALONE. now, i know this maybe isn’t the sort of sport that you’re looking to watch, but (frankly) it should be. i’ve also offered to watch (lesser) american sports with you any time. an offer you have yet to take me up on. for what it’s worth, i don’t follow football or basketball anymore (i would be hard-pressed to bar it up for any other sport, save tennis… but bars don’t tend to air the tennis), but i used to do so passionately, and am still an admirer of both games. i could very easily get into it.

BUT i know that’s not exactly what you’re on about, so i’ll stick to the subject at hand. that being, sports. frankly, i think neil anderson is an asshole. and a big one, at that. and i don’t know why you would jump to his side.

why do i say this?


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