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So I recorded this song with my brother along with some other songs maybe 3 years ago. He’s been sitting on the whole bunch. Very frustrating. Here’s a rough music video I made for it.

You might say, “Jack, why don’t you just release it yourself?”

And I would have some sort of answer.

Like this post for instance.

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you’re buying something small (a coffee, perhaps) and the cashier accidentally hits an extra zero…
you: “$150?????!”
they: “what? too high?”
you: “hahaahahahaha”
they: “hahahahahaha”
they: “how’s $1.50?”
you: “MUCH better!”

next time, just make it yourself.


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Must fight the urge to click this #Huffingtonpost link Fight it Jack. it doesn’t matter-paint a picture instead

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New Item

I just bought this pack of harmonics and a harmonica holder.

Is that selling out?

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Are you kidding? I was robbed, my contribution – “Would You Like To Stay for Dessert” – was way better.

Can you start a write in campaign on my behalf?


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People say I don’t like anything. It’s true I’m picky, but I do like some movies and some art and some music. Some people have a tendency to dislike bands that are hyped, talked about, blogged about. I too, find myself wanting to dislike up and coming bands who are beloved simply because they are new.
Last night I was pleasantly surprised when I thoroughly enjoyed a show by Portland indie-darlings Wampire at Mississippi Studios. I’d never seen or heard them before, although their name is pretty familiar to anyone following Portland bands. I thought the show would be rougher, more ramshackle, punky. I heard they like to strip and play in the their underwear. All I saw was a super-tight band, playing super tight dancey pop songs. They could be huge. (isn’t that the true test of greatness–ok sorry for being snarky) They were really good despite the fact that they played with a backing track.
I was surprised. It was good. I do sometimes like stuff. Even hyped or popular stuff. Oh and they played in front of a projection of the movie “Heathers” I’m not sure I liked that or not.

Not sure this video will turn out.


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