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Oh boy here’s another video that’s taken me a year to finish: A little lo-fi profile on the UK band Lets Wrestle. Luckily it coincides with their new album on Merge Records.

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rom: dmitrieva tatiana
Date: Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 11:16 PM
Subject: it’s me
To: jefflewisband@gmail.com

Dear Jeff

you are the man I’m looking for all my life.

I want to get married you and to have a child with you.

I live in Russia, jewish-russian blood, I’m 39 years old. and i still haven’t found my second half. Actually  I think it’s you. I watched “Flipping Out” and saw that.

sincerely yours



He gets a letter confusing him with the “Flipping Out” Jeff about once every couple months.

I wonder if the Flipping Out Jeff had to use Jeff instead of Jeffrey. Google both names as an image search and see what I mean.

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I finally saw Aguirre Wrath Of God. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I worried I wouldn’t like it. I remember seeing the poster for it in the Student Center of Bard when I was in college, maybe 2000 or 2001.

I remember someone saying it was good, but dark and very very very slow.

I feared the slowness and the darkness.

But tonight I have conquered it. It wasn’t that slow and the darkness was not all consuming. It was quite amazing just as I had hoped.

And now a challenge to you: I could not find a trailer for it with subtitles. I found one dubbed and one in German with no subtitles, If anyone can find one please post.

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