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“Liberal groups have likewise called for Justice Clarence Thomas’ recusal from the cases because of his wife’s participation in Tea Party-affiliated organizations that advocate against the Affordable Care Act. None, however, have taken Freedom Watch’s step of directly petitioning the justices.”

Thomas should recuse himself, and there should be pressure from the media and the voters. We elected Obama to pass health care reform, and now this conservative leaning supreme court has the chance to take it away.

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A great piece on MLK on the NPR show “On the Media”




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“Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermons frequently relied on improvisation – King drew on sources and references that were limited only by his imagination and memory. It’s a gift on full display in King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, but it also conflicts with the intellectual property laws that have been strenuously used by his estate since his death. OTM producer Jamie York speaks with Drew Hansen, Keith Miller, Michael Eric Dyson and Lewis Hyde about King, imagination and the consequences of limiting access to art and ideas.”

I wonder what will happen with the next generation of MLK descendants. I assume at some point it will just be some random lawyers running the finances of the estate unless it’s handed over to a museum or some non-profit institution.

I’m also glad to hear they are fixing the quote that sits on the MLK memorial in Washington DC


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It’s good. It tastes better when bought on sale. I try to only eat unsulphured dried fruit usually from a co-op or other yuppie-health-food store.

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Great snack, but difficult to eat while driving. Also tough knowing how to dispose of the shells.









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