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Movie Theater Etiquette

This was found by Pinata co-founded Mike Dempsey (I told him to post it, but he’s busy with something):


Review of Lake Twin Theater in Lake Oswego, OR

theater review2
“A Google User reviewed 4 weeks ago
Appeal Poor to fair Facilities Excellent Service Excellent
This is Patrick’s mom – don’t have my own Google account. The theater is usually excellent – but our family was beginning a new Holiday tradition – going to a movie on Christmas night. Looked up the Lake schedule and picked the movie the family had not seen – Django. No one knew much about this movie. When we arrived to buy tickets with the kids, the staff did not mention that the movie was R rated for extreme violence. Very disappointing. Then entire family was disgusted and we walked out early – reeling from the contents of the movie. Just a word from the staff would have helped us to make a better choice.”

I wonder at what point exactly did they walk out?

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School Desk Drawing #3


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School Desk Drawing #2


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School Desk Drawing #1

For maybe a year or two I’ve been wanting to do a series of sculptures of school desks with drawing/scribbles on them. Since I’m not a sculptor I realize I’ll probably never build them so I might as well try to draw/paint them. This is the first. It’s blurry because I’m using my crap camera phone.


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