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A whirlwind visit.





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A whirlwind visit.

Wednesday: Mom is supposed to get in at midnight, but her flight is delayed. Jetblue website says flight will be in at 1:40 AM. I fall asleep. Wake up at 2. Get my mom at 2:30. Sorry Mom.

Thursday: Breakfast = Essa bagels and rainbow cakes from NY. Yaaaaaaaa! Sight seeing: Rebuilding Center, Reading Frenzy, Mississippi Records, PMOMA, Cherry Sprout, PCC, Alberta Street, First house I lived in in Portland. Drive up to the beach behind the airport (AKA Dittlers), Drinks at Salty’s, drive up Marine drive. Go to The Grotto, then to Rocky Butte. Then BBQ potluck at home.

Friday: Breakfast at Tasty and Sons. Pack for camping trip. Drive up Colombia Gorge. Go camping.

Saturday: Lake hang. Pick berries. Short Hike. Yummy dinner. Play Mafia.

Sunday: Pack up drive to the Ape Caves, then MT St Helen viewpoint (Lehan). Drive back to Portland. Dinner at Podnah’s

Monday: drive to the coast. Hike to Oswald West. Water color painting. Drive to Astoria. Drive around. Dinner at Baked Alaska. Visit Astoria Column. Drive home.

Tuesday: Breakfast at Zells, Next Adventure bargin basement, Contemporary Craft Museum, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Powells, Forest Park, View from Pittock mansion, drive up to St. John’s Bridge, Cross the bridge, Tacos, home to pack, drinks at the Bye and Bye and then to the airport.




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Watercolors LA

Getting work done in LA






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