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Every time I read a book I enjoy, it sure is sad when it’s getting close to the end. This is happening now as I read Free Pizza For Life: The Early Days of Plan-It-X Records. Anyone into music, punk or otherwise or just into a good read should pick up a copy from Plan-It -X distro or perhaps at Micropublishing. I bought it at a rare Ghost Mice show in Portland a while back and put off reading it. 


I’m still processing all the thoughts running through my brain. Perhaps because of the book I booked and held my first house show at my house.

Free Pizza for Life is by Chris Clavin one of the founders (or thee founder) of the DIY/punk label Plan-It-X records. (“If it ain’t cheap, it ain’t punk.”) I first heard of Plan-It-X maybe 10 years ago through Kimya Dawson. There was a band on there called Ghost Mice and they sounded good and raw. 

In the book Chris talks about growing up and being a weirdo punk in Indiana.  It’s made me think about my musical beginnings and current existence. Reading the book made me want to listen to some old recordings. I looked through my computer to see what I had. I am so happy a lot of it got recorded. I came across a collection of songs I wrote and recorded with Dave Miko. Dave and I got together a few times around 2001-2003 to write and record very quickly. Sometimes we’d try making an album in a day. Some of these recordings ended up on various tapes/albums, but I came across a collection of songs that I don’t think had ever seen the light of day. Some of it sounds very good (to me of course). Very raw, just bass and vocals or guitar and bass. Dave recorded it on his four track.

Go forth, create.

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