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Tour burnout has set in. Three more shows left, but then off to Sweden for 10 days.

Hopefully I can do some backpacking/hikes.

Feeling pretty discombobulated. Not able to think about reacclimatizing to the real world back in Portland or NY.



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I’m notorious for losing things.  both on tour and off. This tour is half over and I’ve reached a new high (aka low.)
The items I’ve lost so far:
Digital Zoom recorder
my favorite jacket
mac charger

I try and take it in stride.  I think about what would hurt more to lose.
my passport
my laptop
my money



And what if I lost them?
what do I prize above that?  I suppose my life at a very basic level? My looks? My health? (maybe my family and friends lives as well)

Until then,  fingers crossed.

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