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Hillary just won the Nevada Primary 53% to Bernie’s 47%. I hate be a naysayer, but with that decisive win I think Bernie is cooked. And damn I’m pissed. Bernie’s team did not connect with the people in Clark County/Las Vegas. He won most other counties, but not there. Bernie’s people were not able to convince these folks how hard Bernie would work to better their lives. It shows Bernie’s weakness in the West.

  1. His ideas aren’t getting out there
  2. The Hillary machine is all powerful
  3. People are so scared of a Republican they don’t think Bernie can win56c8aa16c46188a2798b45d7

The pre polling in Nevada showed a closer race. That’s why I made a few calls to voters to try and get out the vote for Bernie. I was hoping Bernie would keep it close/tie or maybe even eek out a win. But sadly no.

The one positive of today’s primaries is Trump’s win in South Carolina. Trump took 32%, Rubio 22.5% and Cruz 22.3%. I can’t help but laugh and enjoy the thought of the Republicans struggling/scrambling/freaking out about this. They are fucked. If McCain and Romney couldn’t win Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada – there is no way in hell Trump could hope to win. And just imagine Trump debating? Unbelievable. I mean just imagine Trump as the Republican nominee. That is fucking crazy.

So if Trump is the nominee? Hillary wins easy – right? Well- what if she doesn’t? What if she gets caught up in some new/old controversy? (Benghazi/emails/Clinton baggage). What if she loses? Well then the joke is on us? Everyone is gonna feel bad they didn’t support Bernie.

But what if Cruz somehow wins the nomination?

I’ll repeat myself.

They are fucked. If McCain and Romney couldn’t win Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada – there is no way in hell Cruz could hope to win. And just imagine Cruz debating? Unbelievable. I mean just imagine Cruz as the Republican nominee. That is fucking crazy.

So if Cruz is the nominee? Hillary wins easy – right? Well- what if she doesn’t? What if she gets caught up in some new/old controversy? (Benghazi/emails/Clinton baggage). What if she loses? Well then the joke is on us. Everyone is gonna feel bad they didn’t support Bernie.

But what if Rubio is the nominee? Well … that’s a slightly different story. I’m tired now.

I love you Bernie. Thanks to everyone who supports him and his ideas. Thanks to everyone who believes we’re not getting a fair shake here in the good USA while Canada, Europe etc continue to provide for those in need and continue having stronger campaign finance laws/better tax code ideas/distribution of wealth/free/-affordable higher education/health care etc etc. Maybe there’s still hope. I don’t think so. Hillary will be the nominee and I will vote for her. I don’t know if I’ll campaign for her. I’ll wait and see what the polls say/what Nate Silver says. She’s not going to inspire the youth turnout that came out for Obama and would come out for Bernie.

Fingers crossed.

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20141229_134457 Visitors taking photos of themselves and Sturtevant work at MoMa. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/17/arts/design/elaine-sturtevant-appropriation-artist-is-dead-at-89.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elaine_Sturtevant

Via Wiki: “She achieved recognition for her carefully inexact repetitions of other artists’ works that prefigured appropriation.”

I’m not sure when I first heard about her work, either in my high school art history class or college, but I was never that taken in by it. I like handmade original object things. But experiencing her work in this setting and watching people looking at it and taking hundreds of photos not knowing what it is they were actually photographing was quite a weird/fun/original experience. It was some form of performance.

I asked one visitor if they knew what they were looking at. He was Australian and though confused, sort of understood that it wasn’t the real work. The show included a recreation of a mural by Robert Gober (pictured above). This same mural was featured in Gober’s own retrospective just a few galleries away. Pretty funny/great move on the curator’s part to include these. Were they knowingly making  a joke?

Usually photography in these  temporary shows at museums is strictly prohibited, but it didn’t seem to be the case here. I watched visitor after visitor take photos of the work and of themselves in front of the work.  The guards didn’t stop anyone like I saw them do in the Gober galleries and Matisse paper cut out show. Perhaps, because it wasn’t allowed in other galleries people went photo crazy in here. Who decided this? The curators? Sturtevant’s estate?

I’d always assumed the work was gender critique of the male dominated art world.. She copied mainly male artists’ work. Looking into it just slightly I found this article: http://www.frieze.com/issue/article/erase_and_rewind/ “To one critic who inquired whether it is ‘important that you do the work of exclusively male artists?’ Sturtevant replied: ‘Oh no, that question! It never dawned on me. My choices were made on another level.’ 10 She has made a work by Yvonne Rainer, but when pressed on whether she saw gender/biography as having little to do with her project, or if there were a fluidity about the imaginary that overwhelms/disregards gender/biography, she responded: ‘Surely you don’t want me to reiterate. Gender discourse has nothing to do with the work. Why agitate? Why bring it up? A[nswer]: desire & drive to/for surface + flacks probing issues.’ To bring the issue to a complete halt, she added: ‘These questions are not for you/you.’”

But who can trust an artist about their own work? I had just read this article about art forgeries: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2014/12/how_a_foundry_owner_in_queens_got_rich_selling_imitations_of_world-famous_s.php

So what’s the value of a piece of art? How do you enjoy it? If someone tells you something is a famous piece of art you take a closer a look, right? I try to make my own opinions of things, but I know I’m influenced by outside forces.

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weird sketchiness. Driving home last night, saw a guy messing with a bike lock in front of Fresh Pot on Mississippi. I slowly drove by, couldn’t tell if he was unlocking or locking or trying to steal it. It was a cable lock, and he was putting something into the key hole it looked like. I slowed down and pulled over at the corner awkwardly and put my hazards on. A group of people started walking by and I pretended I was trying to get someone’s attention and honked my horn a few times, not looking in the bike’s direction. Then I waited. Turned around. I saw that the guy was not by the bike, but on the sidewalk, just checking out the scene. I stood there and then pulled over catty corner (so now across from animal traffic). I called the police, and said I knew it was kind of pointless, but it sort of looked like this guy was trying to steal a bike and he was still here. I could see him a block away, standing there. Maybe sort of wondering what I was up to. I described him as best I could to police and they said they’d send a car by. So I stayed there, with my hazards on. Watching this guy standing there. he walked down the block, further down shaver, but still he stood there. After another few minutes passed. I looked away. Then when I looked back I think I saw him get into a silver hatchback car. This was shocking. Why was he messing with a bike lock and then getting into a car? They drove off. I actually stupidly tried following them, because I had nothing better to do. But I’d lost them. I went back to the bike. I wanted to take a closer look at the lock, but was afraid the police would pull up and arrest me. Although I had a good alibi. I had given the dispatcher my name and number. So if they did try to arrest me, I could just tell them to call my number. Which actually, makes me think it would be the perfect crime. I didn’t look at the bike lock that closely and then I drove home.

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I was waiting for Pinata founder Mr. Dempsey to post his X-mas list, but I can’t wait any longer.

All gifts were on my x-mas list. Yes, at 33 I still write x-mas lists.



Gift from my older brother Jeff, whose band I used to play in for the past ten years before I quit this year to go back to school to get teaching degree to teach elementary school.

1. The Microphone  says I’m not quitting music all together even though since starting the school program in June I haven’t had a band practice with my band Awkward Energy. It says I have “jammed” a few times in my basement and had some fun and wish I had a microphone. It says I still sometimes use music as a creative outlet even though I’m scared I’m wasting my time because the music sucks, or no one cares or no one will listen or I won’t make any money doing it. It says I’m still trying. It scares me. It says I’m not giving up even though I probably should. It says, get to work being creative instead of complaining about not being creative. It reminds me how much smarter and more talented and a hard worker my brother is. It laughs at me and says “I’ll probably sit in your basement for months before you use me, just like that drum kit and that mini PA.” It says “you might use me once of two times next year.” It says “Keep doing what you’re doing. Chin Up, take chances. Be yourself, keep moving. Some things will work out, some won’t.” Make some music.

2. Dean Wareham’s Autobiography: Black Postcards


Purchased by my mom. It was the last item I added to my x-mas list. This says “Michael Heald told you to read this book to gain some inspiration to finish writing your own indie-rock memoirs.” This book says I started writing my own memoirs last November. I’ve written the opening essay and worked on it all year. It says I have many other pieces to work on. It says don’t give up. It says, forget it. You’re writing stinks. You’re life isn’t as interesting as Dean Wareham’s and you’re not as witty as he is. It says “You haven’t read more than three or four books this year.” It says I have a lot of books on my bookshelf I’m supposed to read. It says I wrote one new song this year “Heavy Metal Kids.” which is actually a decent song.  It says don’t give up on your high school/college dreams of being a writer.

3. Khaki pants and button down shirt from Gap from my mom


-mas list. I asked for these for potential interviews. When I hopefully finish my school program and start applying to teaching jobs. Oh man am I scared of actually teaching. Today I went to the usual family gathering of cousins and talked to them about my education experience student teaching. It made me feel more confident to explain different aspects. It made me feel like I knew what I was talking about. They were impressed.

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Article about bands refusing to play their hits and my thoughts:


Very interesting, I wish the article was longer and interviewed the bands more.
I could guess what MGMT might say or think.
They want to create a fan base that isn’t just there for the hits.
Also hits are hard to “create” ( writing a good song and then it takes off), so a band might think it has a hit, and their audience disagrees.

Playing in band with my brother for 10 years, he has a few  “hits” or songs his audience wants to hear. 1-4 top-tier and another 5-10 lower tier. (I might have a couple). The drummer and myself argue with Jeff and tell him to play more hits. He hates it. He likes to try to live his life according to the Fall, only play the new album.

It’s always a thin line about being creative and an artist and giving the audience what they want.

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I’ve been listening to the WTF podcast for around 7 months I think. And telling people about it and discussing it. Why no one has told me about this episode is crazy.

So I’m telling you. Not sure it’ll strike everyone. It’s an intense 70 minutes. That really gets cooking 30 minutes in. Like the best WTFs it had parallels with my own life that were striking and helpful.

I’d never heard of the guest Carl.

Here is the episode description: “Comedian Carl LaBove was Sam Kinison’s best friend and opening act. Sam died in his arms. He talks with Marc about that night, as well as his wild early days at The Comedy Store. Plus, he shares in detail his attempts to get his life back after he found out a secret of Sam’s that turned everything upside down.”

I’m not a Kinison fan, I’m not very familiar with his work. I mostly know him as the guy who was on Married With Children and everyone thought was great. But really I don’t know his comedy. It doesn’t matter. It’s a hell of an interview.

Below are some comments from the WTF comment page:

  • Holly Gee 5 Days Ago

    to hear Carl is to remember grace & forgiveness. It was a wild time… So many crazy, brutal realities resolved. Nice to see you put your ghosts to rest, and for Carl to show us what compassion is all about. I remember that Malibu bust… Whew! Hard to believe how out loud they lived.

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is this legal?

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