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Mt Rainier

4 Rainiers:Tohomas

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A whirlwind visit.





Watch the slideshow and read the notes


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A whirlwind visit.

Wednesday: Mom is supposed to get in at midnight, but her flight is delayed. Jetblue website says flight will be in at 1:40 AM. I fall asleep. Wake up at 2. Get my mom at 2:30. Sorry Mom.

Thursday: Breakfast = Essa bagels and rainbow cakes from NY. Yaaaaaaaa! Sight seeing: Rebuilding Center, Reading Frenzy, Mississippi Records, PMOMA, Cherry Sprout, PCC, Alberta Street, First house I lived in in Portland. Drive up to the beach behind the airport (AKA Dittlers), Drinks at Salty’s, drive up Marine drive. Go to The Grotto, then to Rocky Butte. Then BBQ potluck at home.

Friday: Breakfast at Tasty and Sons. Pack for camping trip. Drive up Colombia Gorge. Go camping.

Saturday: Lake hang. Pick berries. Short Hike. Yummy dinner. Play Mafia.

Sunday: Pack up drive to the Ape Caves, then MT St Helen viewpoint (Lehan). Drive back to Portland. Dinner at Podnah’s

Monday: drive to the coast. Hike to Oswald West. Water color painting. Drive to Astoria. Drive around. Dinner at Baked Alaska. Visit Astoria Column. Drive home.

Tuesday: Breakfast at Zells, Next Adventure bargin basement, Contemporary Craft Museum, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Powells, Forest Park, View from Pittock mansion, drive up to St. John’s Bridge, Cross the bridge, Tacos, home to pack, drinks at the Bye and Bye and then to the airport.




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I started Grad school a month ago (6 weeks) to get a Masters in education and a teaching certificate to teach elementary school.


I haven’t had time to do much else. And yet when I had all the time in the world I didn’t devote enough of it to creative projects or to promoting the projects I did make, because I’m not that great a self-promoter. (I still want to try to get my last album reviewed by some local press-it came out last May).

Friends are doing creative things I’m not.

>>>>I had two comments on this blog that were pending. Both looked like spam, but I approved them anyway.


Over a month ago I started a blog post about recommending a band to the music Critic Everett True who then blogged about them. I never finished the post.



Friends from college visited town showing their movies. I’m sad I missed watching one.  http://cstpdx.com/show/directing-dissent

This one reminded me, that I used to make stuff:



college friend Carter played town and stayed over



I’ve been watching Carter play music for 10 years. Crazy.



high school friend Ava came and stayed for 5 days. I was too stressed and busy to hang out. I’ve known Ava since I was 14. Freshmen Science class at LaGuardia


I want to blog about each hike/ outside trip I’ve done, but I’m 100s behind.

rating system (Hike/beauty (H) = 1-5) (Difficulty (D) 1-5) (General Joy (GJ) that day= 1-5)

Today was Burnt Lake on Mt Hood With Matt. H-7 D-2 GJ = 4

Last weekend was Twin lakes on Hood with Dempsey, Heald, Leif and Hancock (H=7)(D-3 with pack, 1 without) (GJ= 3.5)

Some Elk Rock island (6-7)

Hunchback Ridge (with Andy, Amanda, Stephen, Ann and friend) (7)

Grassy Nole with Mazama group (7)

Coyote Wall (Stephen, Amanda, Tracie)

Elk Mountain coastal range

Silver Star with Mazamas

Mt St Helens – Steve, Suzie, Hoover

Cross Country Ski trips

at least 6 this winter: Trillium with Brian, Jeff

Overnight near Rainier? (Cooper spur??) with Jeff, Amanda, Dave, + 2

Overnight on Hood with Dave, Jeff, Amanda, Jesse, Brian, Allie

White River with Steve, Suzie, Dana, Stefon

White River Aly bday, Heather, Marty, Vinh, big crew)


Enough of that.

Other stuff?

Lots and lots and lots.

I wish I was spending more time working with someone writing Stand up comedy. I wish I spent more time painting. (any time)

I wish the fridge wasn’t leaking

I wish the basement didn’t smell weird

I wish I could clean my room more often

Floss More

Eat better

meditate more (at all)

I want to be invited to play shows, but I don’t have time to play them

I want to play good live shows and have fun

I want to have fun practicing

I want to play music


I scrapped up my ankle sliding into home base during a kickball game last week. the guy threw the ball at me, but I was safe.


My dad comes for a visit in two weeks.

I have a big hike planned in the Wallowas.


I felt emotional and great listening to Herman Dune Peel session. Man they sounded good. featuring Dufus and Scout Niblett. what a great session.

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I’ve wanted to try to keep a record of all the hikes and various trips I’ve done around Portland. I figure it’ll come in handy when friends visit and I’m thinking of something to do. And if the internet still exists in 40 years, I can look at it when I’m old.

Eagle Creek is one of my favorite hiking spots near Portland. It’s beautiful and not very hard.

It’s basically a one way hike. You could hike in 15 miles or more and loop around, but I’ve never done that. I’ve gone there 4-5 times. Hiked to punch bowl falls a few times and one time hiked in 6 miles with Marci, just past tunnel falls and camped out. The water falls and views can really take my breath away.This past weekend was a day hike to high bridge with Pinata co-founder Mike Dempsey. Other folks I’ve hiked this with I think include: Marci, Dave, Jeremy, Molly and kids from Garfield House + others?

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