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It’s good. It tastes better when bought on sale. I try to only eat unsulphured dried fruit usually from a co-op or other yuppie-health-food store.

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Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels.
For years I have enjoyed the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor Chubby Hubby,

especially  chocolate covered/peanut butter filled pretzels.
I’ve searched in vain (maybe not searched, but kept an eye out) for these magical items and have never found them. But on this tour I did find these peanut-butter filled pretzels which are pretty good. Drummer Dave eventually discovered that Trader Joe’s sold a  chocolate covered version , and they were good, but not perfect. Still on the hunt.

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The next morning we’re supposed to catch an 8 AM train to Moscow (about 3 hours away, but the trip will maybe take 5 hours with the customs check).

We’re scared about going through Russian customs and have been told to make a list of all our possessions before we enter. I make the list quickly. (looking back now I realize I probably left my i-pod in this room when I was making that list of possessions) I am annoyed with Dave for not leaving the hotel right away in the morning.

When we get the to train station there is some issues with our tickets.
Jeff has the wrong reservation code. It’s 7:30. They can’t find our reservation.
It’s 7:40 now. Jeff runs off and finds an internet kiosk and luckily finds the right reservation code. We board the train. Whew.

We are nervous about the Russian customs. We fall asleep totally exhausted.

We wake up when customs comes to check our passports. We fall back asleep.
It seems things go smoothly.
We arrive in St Petersburg and meet up with a friend of the promoter Anton and his girlfriend Olga.
Whoo Russia!

Jeff and I are of mostly Russian descent, but we think none of our family has been to Russia since maybe the 40′ s or 50’s. (we’re not sure when our grandmother or grandfather went back). Our Grandmother left in around 1906 and our grandfather in 1917.
We were also supposed to meet Mikael and Vera some Russian fans who e-mailed us and are helping us get to Moscow. They have traveled to St Petersburg from Moscow to see the show and plan to help us get to Moscow and see another show.
We wait at the station for them, but they don’t arrive (they went to a different station)
We walk to the underground which has a huge mosaic picture of Lenin.

I had no idea they revered him so much. But there is no Stalin pictures despite the fact that it was during his reign that all the undergrounds got built.
The underground is very very very underground. Quite amazing. The escalator just keeps going down.
I’m carrying a lot of stuff so I get extremely hot and sweaty, but it’s still exciting.
We transfer at Dostoevsky station.

We make it to the venue and drop off our stuff and then it’s off to the streets. We walk to St. Isaac’s Church, and get a big meal of various Russian food before going in.
We’re starving so we over-order. One of everything I think.

Fish (3 kinds), cabbage, potatoes, what we call Kasha, pork balls, pickled hearing and other little salad. I think we’re mixing too many foods together.

We walk to St Isaac’s.
Along the way we pass a few tourist stand selling “Russian Dolls”
These are Russian dolls:

I want to buy one for my mom, but figure I’ll wait until later (I soon realize that because we are in Russia such a short amount of time, I need to seize the moment anytime I want to do something)
There are many different kinds of Russian Dolls including a lot of novelty kinds. There some with images of Barak Obama. I love it and I want one, but I decide to wait and I never end up getting and Obama one.

We climb up the staircase of St Isaacs to see a beautiful view of the city.

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Jack Snacks (Ep: 2)

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