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Been loving some music while I ride my bike around. I know it’s not that safe, but it sure is fun.

The past few days here are some winners.

1. Juaneco y su combo – Me robaron mi runa mula – The Roots of Chicha

Big Ups to Dave Beauchamp for this collection called The Roots of Chicha. Chicha AKA Peruvian cumbia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peruvian_cumbia) I love the electric guitar.

Another hot track from the same album


2. The First Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Album. Though the lyrics are kind of poop, the music and melodies are so good. Gets me jogging and moving. I can’t decide if I should throw down some bucks to see them play at Doug Fir, or go to Pickathon. I assume they’d be playing their newer mediocre stuff (I don’t know it actually). I’m still kicking myself for missing an early free live show of theirs in NY at South Street Seaport. I was biking there and just missed it. ACH. Seeing them at that point would have blown my mind like when I saw Unicorns and Spinto Band without having heard any recordings.

3. A few bike classics

Islands: Tender Torture

Malk and the Jicks: Face the Truth

The first 6 tracks off of The Strokes: First Impressions of Earth (so damn good and underrated perhaps). Heart in a Cage! (some mediocre lyric choices, but some good ones too)


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Do yourself a favor and see this movie. It’s amazing.

This trailer doesn’t capture it obviously, but it doesn’t ruin it.




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I just re-watched this older video I made about musician Darren Hanlon talking about pinball. It was one of the first videos I ever made and I was actually pretty happy with how it turned out, editing and pacing were pretty good. I thought I’d posted it on this blog, but I guess not. So I’m re-posting it.







Via Wikapedia:

Darren Hanlon is an Australian singer/songwriter who plays urban folk music. He has released five solo albums, three EPs and eight singles on Candle Records and Flippin Yeah industries, as well as several compilation tracks. Before becoming a solo artist in 1999, he was a member of the Simpletons, and contributed backing guitar and keyboards for the Lucksmithsthe Dearhunters, and Mick Thomas. He has toured with Billy BraggDavid DonderoTim KasherViolent Femmes, and The Magnetic Fields and has recently completed his latest album I Will Love You At All, released on 16 July 2010 in Australia (Flippin’ Yeah) and 21 September in the United States (Yep Roc).


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I started Grad school a month ago (6 weeks) to get a Masters in education and a teaching certificate to teach elementary school.


I haven’t had time to do much else. And yet when I had all the time in the world I didn’t devote enough of it to creative projects or to promoting the projects I did make, because I’m not that great a self-promoter. (I still want to try to get my last album reviewed by some local press-it came out last May).

Friends are doing creative things I’m not.

>>>>I had two comments on this blog that were pending. Both looked like spam, but I approved them anyway.


Over a month ago I started a blog post about recommending a band to the music Critic Everett True who then blogged about them. I never finished the post.



Friends from college visited town showing their movies. I’m sad I missed watching one.  http://cstpdx.com/show/directing-dissent

This one reminded me, that I used to make stuff:



college friend Carter played town and stayed over



I’ve been watching Carter play music for 10 years. Crazy.



high school friend Ava came and stayed for 5 days. I was too stressed and busy to hang out. I’ve known Ava since I was 14. Freshmen Science class at LaGuardia


I want to blog about each hike/ outside trip I’ve done, but I’m 100s behind.

rating system (Hike/beauty (H) = 1-5) (Difficulty (D) 1-5) (General Joy (GJ) that day= 1-5)

Today was Burnt Lake on Mt Hood With Matt. H-7 D-2 GJ = 4

Last weekend was Twin lakes on Hood with Dempsey, Heald, Leif and Hancock (H=7)(D-3 with pack, 1 without) (GJ= 3.5)

Some Elk Rock island (6-7)

Hunchback Ridge (with Andy, Amanda, Stephen, Ann and friend) (7)

Grassy Nole with Mazama group (7)

Coyote Wall (Stephen, Amanda, Tracie)

Elk Mountain coastal range

Silver Star with Mazamas

Mt St Helens – Steve, Suzie, Hoover

Cross Country Ski trips

at least 6 this winter: Trillium with Brian, Jeff

Overnight near Rainier? (Cooper spur??) with Jeff, Amanda, Dave, + 2

Overnight on Hood with Dave, Jeff, Amanda, Jesse, Brian, Allie

White River with Steve, Suzie, Dana, Stefon

White River Aly bday, Heather, Marty, Vinh, big crew)


Enough of that.

Other stuff?

Lots and lots and lots.

I wish I was spending more time working with someone writing Stand up comedy. I wish I spent more time painting. (any time)

I wish the fridge wasn’t leaking

I wish the basement didn’t smell weird

I wish I could clean my room more often

Floss More

Eat better

meditate more (at all)

I want to be invited to play shows, but I don’t have time to play them

I want to play good live shows and have fun

I want to have fun practicing

I want to play music


I scrapped up my ankle sliding into home base during a kickball game last week. the guy threw the ball at me, but I was safe.


My dad comes for a visit in two weeks.

I have a big hike planned in the Wallowas.


I felt emotional and great listening to Herman Dune Peel session. Man they sounded good. featuring Dufus and Scout Niblett. what a great session.

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1. About 6 weeks ago the inventor of the Pinata, Mike Dempsey, sent me a song by a band called Foxygen.

He said it reminded him of the band Islands, who he knew I liked very much. I listened to the song. I kind of liked the beginning, but then it went off the rails and I didn’t like where it went.

It was this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPmAO4xpQcE

A few weeks later I read that Foxygen were on tour with local Portland favorites Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Pinata favorites Wampire (https://thepinata.wordpress.com/2011/03/03/sometimes-i-like-stuff-wampire-review/). Foxygen were supposedly stealing the show from the other two bands. They were supposed to have a great live show. A week later I read that the singer kind of lost it at a SXSW show. Then I saw they were playing Portland. Normally i don’t pay for shows for random buzz bands. I had a feeling it might be good and I love seeing bands during their first tours. I listened to and enjoyed their album (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0xvmB2jBcs). I decided to go out on a limb and get a ticket for the show.

I went. It was really good. Very raw, but also tight and amazing. Like they were sick of playing the same songs every night and were just loosey-goosey.  The lead singer had a very cocky glammy/goth/hippie stage presence. I usually dislike a cocky front guy, but he also had an awkwardness and a charisma that worked and it was really fun. Sometimes he was just the singer, which is always a bold move and sometimes he played keys and guitar which made for a nice change of pace I always appreciate. They write really catchy poppy 60’s/ Kinks’y music/Essex Green (maybe a band only I care about) mixed with some K Records energy.

I don’t think these two videos/songs are the best representation, but after seeing them play I now really like these two songs and these two versions. But  I can see how it might turn people off. Or how people might think they’re too derivative.

I wonder what will happen to them. They’re at the start of their music careers. I want to give them advice. Don’t do too many drugs. Don’t fight. Don’t let the records biz rip you off. Lots of stuff.

Update: http://pitchfork.com/news/50119-foxygen-cancel-european-tour-and-festival-dates/

They really should go,  especially to Primavera

2. I was looking forward to seeing two Portland bands, Mean Jean and White Fang play tonight at Tonic lounge. I’d seen White Fang a bunch and like them a lot. I even played one of my first shows in Portland with them at Chaos Cafe. If only they cared. (I also shot some video of them playing the 2nd to last show at The Artistery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPy_yx4Dy0k). But not many of my friends like going to shows. I sent out a text trying to find someone to go with me. A couple of people expressed interest, but were busy. A couple friends said I should go see Ty Segall at Bunk Bar. I’d heard Ty’s name a bunch, but wasn’t super familiar with his music. I looked on the Bunk Bar webpage and it listed a different show, it said Wooden Indian Burial Ground and Fuzz. I texted the friend back complaining. They said Fuzz was a Ty Segall side project. So I went.

Wooden Indian Burial Ground were first (I can see how that band name would turn some folk off). And they were really good. I’m excited they’re  playing again tomorrow. I hope I can convince some friends to go to that. I’m not sure this song/clip does them justice.

But similar to Foxygen, now that I’ve seen them live I love this. The video is all found footage, the last two minutes of which is really weird. Vocals kick in 2 minutes in. Imagine them playing this song live as a three-piece.

After WIBG,  Fuzz/Ty Segall played. And damn. Also good. Sabbath meets psych garage-rock. Ty was the drummer and just nailed it. Bass and Guitar. I guess all that stuff goes right to my heart. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. In the right sweaty bar/house, I hope to experience that feeling for the rest of my life. Is it youth? Is it pure fun and emotion the way we felt as kids playing baseball? It’s fleeting. It’s not like the lyrics stick with you. There was a mosh pit and sometimes the music  took over and your body just wanted to mosh around.

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Article about bands refusing to play their hits and my thoughts:


Very interesting, I wish the article was longer and interviewed the bands more.
I could guess what MGMT might say or think.
They want to create a fan base that isn’t just there for the hits.
Also hits are hard to “create” ( writing a good song and then it takes off), so a band might think it has a hit, and their audience disagrees.

Playing in band with my brother for 10 years, he has a few  “hits” or songs his audience wants to hear. 1-4 top-tier and another 5-10 lower tier. (I might have a couple). The drummer and myself argue with Jeff and tell him to play more hits. He hates it. He likes to try to live his life according to the Fall, only play the new album.

It’s always a thin line about being creative and an artist and giving the audience what they want.

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My brother asked for this game when we were little. Maybe he was 14 and I was 9? I don’t know. I’ll have to ask him. Why did he want this one. Where did he play it before?

It was one of maybe 3 games we had for NES. We played it a lot and beat it a lot. One of the best parts was the music to level 8.

There was an arcade version of this at the time, but it wasn’t as fun as the home version.

Brother Jeff says: ”

I think it was the first Nintendo game we got – and we didn’t get many Nintendo games, they were very expensive to buy (like $50-$70 each), maybe we’d get one a year as a birthday or christmas gift.  Mostly borrowed or rented games.  What other Nintendo games did we even own??
I think I originally wanted Bionic Commando because I must have played it at somebody else’s house – certainly I wasn’t familiar with the arcade version, I didn’t see that till we already knew the Nintendo version inside and out.  And 99% of the time those experiences were disappointing, whenever there was a great arcade game that was released in Nintendo version, the home versions were so much crummier and totally different from the arcade.  Like Shinobi, which I worshipped as an arcade game, I made the mistake of being excited for the Nintendo version which of course was lame.
But I do remember being surprised and sort of disappointed that Bionic Commando was so easy to beat.  It was such a fancy and exciting gift to get, I thought it would provide months of challenge like Super Mario before finally beating it, but I think I beat it in about one day of playing.  Sort of guilty and horrifying, I think I assumed that all Nintendo games were guarantees of weeks or months of challenging fun.  But some were beatable in one day, and other were frustratingly nigh-impossible to beat.  It was a very rare game that provided just the exact right amount of challenge, like the Super Mario games.
 I don’t remember where I first saw Bionic Commando though.  Maybe Elan’s house or something like that.  Maybe Abe had it.  That sort of thing.”

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I’ve wanted to try to keep a record of all the hikes and various trips I’ve done around Portland. I figure it’ll come in handy when friends visit and I’m thinking of something to do. And if the internet still exists in 40 years, I can look at it when I’m old.

Eagle Creek is one of my favorite hiking spots near Portland. It’s beautiful and not very hard.

It’s basically a one way hike. You could hike in 15 miles or more and loop around, but I’ve never done that. I’ve gone there 4-5 times. Hiked to punch bowl falls a few times and one time hiked in 6 miles with Marci, just past tunnel falls and camped out. The water falls and views can really take my breath away.This past weekend was a day hike to high bridge with Pinata co-founder Mike Dempsey. Other folks I’ve hiked this with I think include: Marci, Dave, Jeremy, Molly and kids from Garfield House + others?

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Ok, maybe I’m tired and talking crazy.

But whatever I don’t care if people think I’m crazy, I just love this new hollywood couple.




I mean. Can it get any better than this? Right now? Right now? It just feels so right.

I admit it. After seeing the “Social Network” I developed a little boy crush on this guy Andrew. I have yet to see an Emma Stone movie, but if Jim Carey vouches for her, I vouch for her. I did see her on Jay Leno and she seemed nice. (also caught a little bit of her on SNL)

I wish the two of them all the best.

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I was going to write a review of this show, but I didn’t so just some pics.









Friends from college opened the show, John Gnorski and Jeff Brodsky AKA Wet Wool. They were pretty awesome.








AU played.

Then Nurses.








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