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Oh boy here’s another video that’s taken me a year to finish: A little lo-fi profile on the UK band Lets Wrestle. Luckily it coincides with their new album on Merge Records.

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Brothers Josh and Benny Safdie discuss their award-winning movie, “Daddy Longlegs” (on many top 10 lists of 2010, including: Film Comment, Art Forum, The New Yorker, SF Guardian and the Village Voice) in Jack’s living room in Portland, OR.

“3 Questions” is a production of East Side Buffet (Vimeo.com/EastSideBuffet)

The Safdie’s website: http://www.redbucketfilms.com/

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High res version on Dailymotion.com.
Craig Thompson talks comics, craft, boarders and Habibi
Part One of a bunch of Craig Stuff.  East Side Buffet is a Portland – based internet variety show.
Craig Thompson is a Portland-based comic book artist. He is almost done with Habibi – a 600 page epic, he has been working on for the past 5 years.
Read His Blog: http://blog.dootdootgarden.com/

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