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I first heard about Marc Maron’s show WTF when I read the NY Times feature about it. I suppose that means I was late to the party. I wasn’t even familiar with Maron as a host on Air America years earlier (or any of his past credits) I listen to a lot of podcasts when I tour with my brother’s band. We have long drives and podcasts are perfect. Although my brother really dislikes them, the drummer enjoys them and he and I do lots of the driving so we force them on.

For anyone who wants more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Maron


Our usual podcasts for tour were mostly NPR affairs: This American Life, RadioLab, Fresh Air,The Brian Leher Show, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, etc.

Then there was Savage Love, The Sound Of Young America, Judge John Hodgman.

I’d been interested in getting into comedy a few years ago so the WTF podcast really appealed to me, long intimate conversations with comedians, comedy writers and other entertainers.

I forget what the first episode I heard was, but I remember Marc talking quite a bit about a relationship that had ended recently. It was good stuff. Honest, entertaining, peppy.

It’s a form of therapy for Marc, for the guest and the listener. Some shows/conversations are better than others.

To pass the time on tour I’ve decided to try to comment on the different episodes I liked and didn’t like.

(This is a little odd since it’s like being at a dinner party and listening in on different conversations and judging them, but what ever)

The only problem is I save the episodes I like and erase the one’s I don’t. But still I will try.

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