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My brother asked for this game when we were little. Maybe he was 14 and I was 9? I don’t know. I’ll have to ask him. Why did he want this one. Where did he play it before?

It was one of maybe 3 games we had for NES. We played it a lot and beat it a lot. One of the best parts was the music to level 8.

There was an arcade version of this at the time, but it wasn’t as fun as the home version.

Brother Jeff says: ”

I think it was the first Nintendo game we got – and we didn’t get many Nintendo games, they were very expensive to buy (like $50-$70 each), maybe we’d get one a year as a birthday or christmas gift.  Mostly borrowed or rented games.  What other Nintendo games did we even own??
I think I originally wanted Bionic Commando because I must have played it at somebody else’s house – certainly I wasn’t familiar with the arcade version, I didn’t see that till we already knew the Nintendo version inside and out.  And 99% of the time those experiences were disappointing, whenever there was a great arcade game that was released in Nintendo version, the home versions were so much crummier and totally different from the arcade.  Like Shinobi, which I worshipped as an arcade game, I made the mistake of being excited for the Nintendo version which of course was lame.
But I do remember being surprised and sort of disappointed that Bionic Commando was so easy to beat.  It was such a fancy and exciting gift to get, I thought it would provide months of challenge like Super Mario before finally beating it, but I think I beat it in about one day of playing.  Sort of guilty and horrifying, I think I assumed that all Nintendo games were guarantees of weeks or months of challenging fun.  But some were beatable in one day, and other were frustratingly nigh-impossible to beat.  It was a very rare game that provided just the exact right amount of challenge, like the Super Mario games.
 I don’t remember where I first saw Bionic Commando though.  Maybe Elan’s house or something like that.  Maybe Abe had it.  That sort of thing.”

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