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US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald: “In the Governer’s words, quote ‘fire all those bleeping people, get them the bleep out of there, and get us some editorial support,’ close quote. And the bleeps are not really bleeps.”


are we not all adults here? is the world as we know it just going to up and crumble if the use of an obscenity is actually properly documented in public?
a five-year investigation, phone taps, etc. and now you’re dumbing it down. the bleeps ARE NOT really bleeps; they’re fucks. they’re fuckings. they’re motherfuckers. just deal with it.

i played on a church youth basketball team when i was in highschool. one evening we were visited by an elderly priest who lectured us in regard to our overuse of obscenity on the court:
“now, i know you got your god damns, your shits, your motherfuckers. you got your h-e-double-hockey-sticks.

welcome to political discourse. cover your bleepin’ ears. -MBD


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