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saturday, 13 december

theater infringement.

Last night I attended what may have been my first theater in Portland. The Old Man, the Goat and the Son of a Bitch. (myspace.com/theoldmanplay). The play started strong, but I was less than enthralled with the rest of it. The set was pretty cool and some of the acting great. ( Special mention goes to the actor who played Eddy, and the actress who played “room service”). I’m far from a seasoned theater-goer, but the show was like other theater I’ve seen, a bit under-whelming. But the writer/director Charles Augustus Sheen III introduced the play and he was quite the character. I googled him when I got home and was not surprised to discover this story. http://www.scari.org/seuss.html
After some re-earch it seems he may have written a children’s story that was then stolen by the Dr. Seuss Corporation. He then sued the corp, but represented himself. He failed to hit certain deadlines and the case was thrown out. Then he sent some e-mails to Dr Seuss’ widow asking for money (and possibly threatening to release this x-rated Seuss image) Audrey-pulling-train and was charged with extortion. after spending 10-20 grand on a lawyer he plea-bargained and was sentenced to 3 years probation He wrote a play about it. The play I saw was not that play.


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