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It’s Saturday.
I wake up around 1 or 2 PM. We’re going to Coventry tonight, to the home of Don’t Move (our opening band for the tour).


There is some discussion about splitting up the money. I go to the store and get some carrots and hummus. In the car there is more money discussion.


I take the grapes and fruit from the night before into the club.
The floor of the dressing room is wet. It is a horrible feeling to walk on it.
We’re given what may be good whiskey at the end of the show. Neither Dave nor I can drink much of it.
Once again, my plan to get drunk at the shows isn’t working. I just can’t do it. If I drink before the show I sweat it all out on stage and have to start all over again. I guess I’m supposed to drink while on stage and try and keep it tied on (I may have already posted this exact though).

Back at the house there is a very energetic dog. He appears nice. It’s initially charming that he likes to jump up and “hug” you, but it soon becomes rather less charming. In the morning he’s confined to the sunroom and barks incessantly. It occurs to me that he might need to relieve himself, so I let him into the backyard. The neighbors are having a little party for their three year old. The dog almost climbs over the fence and I almost have a heart attack. I’m in my boxers; they must think it’s my dog. They must hate me and my barking dog.

The dog does not go to the bathroom.

Back inside I lock him up again and he starts barking. I let him into the kitchen. After a few moments of peace the barking resumes. I let him roam around the house. He’s quiet for a while and then, yeah, the barking. He stops when I join him in the kitchen. He wants attention. Or a job. He’s like me. (I think he actually needs some sheep to herd.)



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