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All Star Jews

A dream I had last night:

I’m hanging out at a table in the sun, maybe in Berkely.

I see Lou Reed eating with Laurie Anderson.
He goes to use the bathroom and returns.

Then a friend at my table points out another guy going into the bathroom.
It’s contemporary Dylan. I’m really excited to tell people about seeing Reed and Dylan using the same bathroom. Then Dylan starts yelling that he needs a pay phone and I lend him my cell. I have another cell phone and I use it to record some audio.

Then Dylan tries to pimp out a female friend of mine who is standing there. He’s trying to get her to “date” a friend of his for some cash. She needs the money and considers it. I try to convince her otherwise. Then there is a chase. Myself and others trying to get away from Dylan and his goons. It was all so real I couldn’t wait to tell people how I saw Dylan.



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