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Article about bands refusing to play their hits and my thoughts:


Very interesting, I wish the article was longer and interviewed the bands more.
I could guess what MGMT might say or think.
They want to create a fan base that isn’t just there for the hits.
Also hits are hard to “create” ( writing a good song and then it takes off), so a band might think it has a hit, and their audience disagrees.

Playing in band with my brother for 10 years, he has a few  “hits” or songs his audience wants to hear. 1-4 top-tier and another 5-10 lower tier. (I might have a couple). The drummer and myself argue with Jeff and tell him to play more hits. He hates it. He likes to try to live his life according to the Fall, only play the new album.

It’s always a thin line about being creative and an artist and giving the audience what they want.


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