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26 January 2009: Jack Lewis embarks on a brief-ish European tour with the so-called Fishermen Three. According to Jack Lewis’s MySpace page, I remain a drummer for Jack Lewis’s band. On 26 January 2009, I sit in a Binghamton, NY airport lounge eating coconut date bars, waiting to board a somewhat terrifying propeller aircraft. In a day’s time, I will not be in Europe.

wednesday, 4 february

abc : Glasgow

Today is a day for passing up the opportunity to jaywalk; for waiting at corners for crossing signals; for traversing the street only to have to do it again when you reach your destination. It is a day for dilly-dalliance.

Otherwise, it is what it is.
In all of this—this not-touring, this staying put—it occurs to me that, as much as I’d like to believe otherwise, very little about my daily life is remarkable (literally; as in, worth remarking upon). No big surprises, there, of course. But the act of narrating the whole enterprise makes it all the less, well, enterprising.

That said, today I eat gnocchi that melts in my mouth. That was alright.

Jack Lewis: you are missed.


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