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RBI baseball1

Sher-ba-kuf-um was my name for RBI Baseball sidearm legend Brett Saberhagen. His last name had to be abbreviated for the game. I can’t find a screen shot of what it was exactly. Something like Sbrhgen. I always called him Scherbakufum. He was probably the best pitcher in the game with a deadly sidearm release.

Brett saberhagen

There were probably numerous ways to cheat and win at this game, but I always used a method where I would get a player to steal a base or get caught in a run down, if I made the opposing team throw the ball back and forth a few times they would inevitably commit a throwing error and throw the ball into the outfield and I would score. This brought me much joy as a child.

For this painting I chose a different matchup.

RBI painting


For some reason all the players in the game are shown to be Caucasian including Gooden.

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