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Last night I stay up until 3 or 4 AM playing online Euchre. It is still better than heroin. (I assume.)

Hurray! This morning I went on my first tour jog! But wait, let’s start at the beginning. My stylish white denim shoes did get a bit muddy, but it was worth it. We’re staying at a house on a British nature reserve. It’s quite lovely. I jogged down a path and found myself at the top of a gully/gulch, overlooking a Bristol castle and bridge. Quite sunny and refreshing, so I ran back to the house and convinced Jeff to come jog out there with me.

Tonight’s show was utter mud. Although I finally got Jeff and Dave to play “Walk Into The Mirror.” Dave said it stank. I liked it.

Back at the nature preserve house I started playing Euchre. Our host Rose showed us these sound therapy orbs. They hum and vibrate in a quite extraordinary way. IF you close your eyes and breath I can see them being quite useful. Her mom uses them in her homeopathic practice. Rose did played drums on a tour with Adrian Orange and he borrowed a bunch for the tour.
There were some bells and drums and Asian flutes hanging around the house, so we all jammed out. I tried jamming and playing online Euchre at the same time. Then I just jammed for bit. (Pinata editor might have listened to a bit via-g-audio [disappointing… -Ed.].)

Then I went back to the Euchre.


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