Biking playlist.

Been loving some music while I ride my bike around. I know it’s not that safe, but it sure is fun.

The past few days here are some winners.

1. Juaneco y su combo – Me robaron mi runa mula – The Roots of Chicha

Big Ups to Dave Beauchamp for this collection called The Roots of Chicha. Chicha AKA Peruvian cumbia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peruvian_cumbia) I love the electric guitar.

Another hot track from the same album


2. The First Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Album. Though the lyrics are kind of poop, the music and melodies are so good. Gets me jogging and moving. I can’t decide if I should throw down some bucks to see them play at Doug Fir, or go to Pickathon. I assume they’d be playing their newer mediocre stuff (I don’t know it actually). I’m still kicking myself for missing an early free live show of theirs in NY at South Street Seaport. I was biking there and just missed it. ACH. Seeing them at that point would have blown my mind like when I saw Unicorns and Spinto Band without having heard any recordings.

3. A few bike classics

Islands: Tender Torture

Malk and the Jicks: Face the Truth

The first 6 tracks off of The Strokes: First Impressions of Earth (so damn good and underrated perhaps). Heart in a Cage! (some mediocre lyric choices, but some good ones too)


I was listening to my MP3 player which had a bunch of old podcasts on there. An older episode of The Sound of Young America came on and they were talking about this vampire rap song.


Which I thought was pretty fun and thought I should send it to my brother. He had just sent out a video to a few other friends so I CC’d the whole list. On the list was Dave Tattersall (of the Wave Pictures).

He e-mailed and said he thought the sample at the start of the song sounded like a guy/kid we know from France named Leo from various bands including Antsy Pants and Coming Soon.

Then Dave found the proof.



Both cool songs.

Via brother Jeff via the ever entertaining Jonny Strangeways (long-time gig-promoter in Leeds UK). A documentary about his elaborate and entirely home-made Lego Death Star. Great and hilarious even for none Star Wars fans

death star


Do yourself a favor and see this movie. It’s amazing.

This trailer doesn’t capture it obviously, but it doesn’t ruin it.






Three Questions returns for a chat and musical performance with Jean Wauters and Matt Volz of The Beets.

There are multiple place to watch this long clip. Help me out, click all the links and vote for the video.

I originally heard about The Beets from The Safdie Brothers. Watch my 2009 interview with them at the bottom and our short “The Clippy” after that.





Juan Wauter’s and Matt Volz’s Sanity Or Not

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/EZ78lrg0k-U” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


I’ve been thinking of this art series for a while. I wanted to make school desks for people to doodle on. So I started painting these school desks. I have yet to have people draw on them, although I did this in a First Grade Class and had the first graders doodle on them. I wish I’d taken a photo of them, but the kids took them home.

Looking for places to exhibit them and have people doodle on them.











School Desk to Doodle On (#1)










School Desk to Doodle On (#2)



School Desk to Doodle On (#3)


School Desk to Doodle On (#4)



School Desk to Doodle On (#5)



School Desk to Doodle On (#6)




School Desk to Doodle On (#7)




School Desk to Doodle On (#8)


Thinking I might try to sell prints of these ($10-20?). If interested let me know. Or make me an offer for the originals.



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