Every time I read a book I enjoy, it sure is sad when it’s getting close to the end. This is happening now as I read Free Pizza For Life: The Early Days of Plan-It-X Records. Anyone into music, punk or otherwise or just into a good read should pick up a copy from Plan-It -X distro or perhaps at Micropublishing. I bought it at a rare Ghost Mice show in Portland a while back and put off reading it. 


I’m still processing all the thoughts running through my brain. Perhaps because of the book I booked and held my first house show at my house.

Free Pizza for Life is by Chris Clavin one of the founders (or thee founder) of the DIY/punk label Plan-It-X records. (“If it ain’t cheap, it ain’t punk.”) I first heard of Plan-It-X maybe 10 years ago through Kimya Dawson. There was a band on there called Ghost Mice and they sounded good and raw. 

In the book Chris talks about growing up and being a weirdo punk in Indiana.  It’s made me think about my musical beginnings and current existence. Reading the book made me want to listen to some old recordings. I looked through my computer to see what I had. I am so happy a lot of it got recorded. I came across a collection of songs I wrote and recorded with Dave Miko. Dave and I got together a few times around 2001-2003 to write and record very quickly. Sometimes we’d try making an album in a day. Some of these recordings ended up on various tapes/albums, but I came across a collection of songs that I don’t think had ever seen the light of day. Some of it sounds very good (to me of course). Very raw, just bass and vocals or guitar and bass. Dave recorded it on his four track.

Go forth, create.

Read some other reader reviews here: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/14760277-free-pizza-for-life-or-the-early-days-of-plan-it-x-records

free pizaa

A whirlwind visit.





Watch the slideshow and read the notes


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A whirlwind visit.

Wednesday: Mom is supposed to get in at midnight, but her flight is delayed. Jetblue website says flight will be in at 1:40 AM. I fall asleep. Wake up at 2. Get my mom at 2:30. Sorry Mom.

Thursday: Breakfast = Essa bagels and rainbow cakes from NY. Yaaaaaaaa! Sight seeing: Rebuilding Center, Reading Frenzy, Mississippi Records, PMOMA, Cherry Sprout, PCC, Alberta Street, First house I lived in in Portland. Drive up to the beach behind the airport (AKA Dittlers), Drinks at Salty’s, drive up Marine drive. Go to The Grotto, then to Rocky Butte. Then BBQ potluck at home.

Friday: Breakfast at Tasty and Sons. Pack for camping trip. Drive up Colombia Gorge. Go camping.

Saturday: Lake hang. Pick berries. Short Hike. Yummy dinner. Play Mafia.

Sunday: Pack up drive to the Ape Caves, then MT St Helen viewpoint (Lehan). Drive back to Portland. Dinner at Podnah’s

Monday: drive to the coast. Hike to Oswald West. Water color painting. Drive to Astoria. Drive around. Dinner at Baked Alaska. Visit Astoria Column. Drive home.

Tuesday: Breakfast at Zells, Next Adventure bargin basement, Contemporary Craft Museum, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Powells, Forest Park, View from Pittock mansion, drive up to St. John’s Bridge, Cross the bridge, Tacos, home to pack, drinks at the Bye and Bye and then to the airport.




Watercolors LA

Getting work done in LA






Biking playlist.

Been loving some music while I ride my bike around. I know it’s not that safe, but it sure is fun.

The past few days here are some winners.

1. Juaneco y su combo – Me robaron mi runa mula – The Roots of Chicha

Big Ups to Dave Beauchamp for this collection called The Roots of Chicha. Chicha AKA Peruvian cumbia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peruvian_cumbia) I love the electric guitar.

Another hot track from the same album


2. The First Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Album. Though the lyrics are kind of poop, the music and melodies are so good. Gets me jogging and moving. I can’t decide if I should throw down some bucks to see them play at Doug Fir, or go to Pickathon. I assume they’d be playing their newer mediocre stuff (I don’t know it actually). I’m still kicking myself for missing an early free live show of theirs in NY at South Street Seaport. I was biking there and just missed it. ACH. Seeing them at that point would have blown my mind like when I saw Unicorns and Spinto Band without having heard any recordings.

3. A few bike classics

Islands: Tender Torture

Malk and the Jicks: Face the Truth

The first 6 tracks off of The Strokes: First Impressions of Earth (so damn good and underrated perhaps). Heart in a Cage! (some mediocre lyric choices, but some good ones too)


I was listening to my MP3 player which had a bunch of old podcasts on there. An older episode of The Sound of Young America came on and they were talking about this vampire rap song.


Which I thought was pretty fun and thought I should send it to my brother. He had just sent out a video to a few other friends so I CC’d the whole list. On the list was Dave Tattersall (of the Wave Pictures).

He e-mailed and said he thought the sample at the start of the song sounded like a guy/kid we know from France named Leo from various bands including Antsy Pants and Coming Soon.

Then Dave found the proof.



Both cool songs.

Via brother Jeff via the ever entertaining Jonny Strangeways (long-time gig-promoter in Leeds UK). A documentary about his elaborate and entirely home-made Lego Death Star. Great and hilarious even for none Star Wars fans

death star


Do yourself a favor and see this movie. It’s amazing.

This trailer doesn’t capture it obviously, but it doesn’t ruin it.





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