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Inspired by this article:
and it’s headline:”Sanders sharpens attacks for N.Y. showdown that may dash Clinton’s unity hopes”
Well geez. “Dash unity hopes”?
What the Clinton campaign and her supporters should know is that we (progressive Dems/Democratic Socialists/Commies/etc) have no interest in a conservative president. Clinton and her people want Sanders to go easy on her in advance of the general election. In some way I agree he shouldn’t attack her in such a way that would make swing state voters apathetic in the general election  (key point here-some states are safe in the general election. What we’re really talking about for a presidential election are the 5-8 swing states that mostly all went to Obama. ). But ideally Clinton’s people would do best to slowly pivot even more so to the left. Ideally Sanders’ beautiful and inspiring campaign messages and his wide and constantly spreading support would inspire Clinton and her people to see that the way forward as a country is to be a government for the people (the middle class and the poor) and not a government that favors corporations and the rich.
We need a government with a fair tax code. A government that properly taxes business and individuals the way we did in the 60’s and 70’s  (like many European and Scandanavian countries do) (http://www.factcheck.org/2016/02/sanders-corporate-tax-comparison/)
We need a government that provides health care to those who can’t afford it (like many European and Scandinavian countries do). We need a government that provides low cost or free higher education (like many European and Scandinavian countries do).
The US needs this. Hopefully Clinton and her people focus on what the majority of the American people need.
“The intensified and scrappy approach by Sanders comes as Clinton is eager to pivot to the general election. Clinton keenly understands the imperative to unite Democrats for the fall campaign and, thinking that the nomination is nearly locked up, wants to spend the spring building bridges to the Sanders wing.”

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