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Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels.
For years I have enjoyed the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor Chubby Hubby,

especially  chocolate covered/peanut butter filled pretzels.
I’ve searched in vain (maybe not searched, but kept an eye out) for these magical items and have never found them. But on this tour I did find these peanut-butter filled pretzels which are pretty good. Drummer Dave eventually discovered that Trader Joe’s sold a  chocolate covered version , and they were good, but not perfect. Still on the hunt.

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I’ve been listening to the WTF podcast for around 7 months I think. And telling people about it and discussing it. Why no one has told me about this episode is crazy.

So I’m telling you. Not sure it’ll strike everyone. It’s an intense 70 minutes. That really gets cooking 30 minutes in. Like the best WTFs it had parallels with my own life that were striking and helpful.

I’d never heard of the guest Carl.

Here is the episode description: “Comedian Carl LaBove was Sam Kinison’s best friend and opening act. Sam died in his arms. He talks with Marc about that night, as well as his wild early days at The Comedy Store. Plus, he shares in detail his attempts to get his life back after he found out a secret of Sam’s that turned everything upside down.”

I’m not a Kinison fan, I’m not very familiar with his work. I mostly know him as the guy who was on Married With Children and everyone thought was great. But really I don’t know his comedy. It doesn’t matter. It’s a hell of an interview.

Below are some comments from the WTF comment page:

  • Holly Gee 5 Days Ago

    to hear Carl is to remember grace & forgiveness. It was a wild time… So many crazy, brutal realities resolved. Nice to see you put your ghosts to rest, and for Carl to show us what compassion is all about. I remember that Malibu bust… Whew! Hard to believe how out loud they lived.

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